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exhausts and batteries

Exhaust and Battery repairs by qualified mechanics in Buckie

Battery and exhaust checks and replacements you can rely on

Battery faults and exhaust failure are common hazards that are not only inconvenient and embarrassing but completely avoidable. Cnoc Garage Services we offer a quality inspection and battery repair service as well as repair and replacement service for your exhaust. Get in touch to find out more.

Mechanic repairing an exhaust

Optimise Your Fuel Efficiency

A good exhaust system will go some way to improving your vehicles fuel efficiency and your engines overall performance. Our team of highly trained mechanics have the necessary know-how to repair and replace a range of car exhaust systems.

At Cnoc Garage Services we can provide impartial advice and recommendations based on your needs. We are your local specialists, and you can rely on us for several additional services that include:

Vehicle diagnostics and repair

Vehicle servicing

Get in touch today for further information.

Mechanic replacing a car battery

Next generation car batteries

Your car battery is at the heart of your vehicle, essential to its continued smooth running. It supplies a charge to your starter motor and ignition system on start-up. Modern vehicle demands are such that choosing the right battery is essential.

Not only does the battery provide the necessary power when you start your engine it also provides a constant current when the vehicle's alternator can't meet the demand.

We can supply a wide range of car batteries for both domestic and commercial vehicles and covering all makes and models and each battery comes with either a three- or five-year warranty.

Call our friendly team today for more information.


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For a range of comprehensive car and van exhaust and battery repair and replacement services by highly trained mechanics and technicians call your friendly and dependable team today on:


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